Monday, 22 March 2010

20's inspired

I used a dark smoky eye, deep burgundy lip and finger waving through the front of the hair to create a modern 20's look.

Modern 60's

This is another look inspired by the 60's combining big hair, heavy eyeliner and a socket line.

Model: Poppy Davey
This look was inspired from American Vogue, the eye makeup is based on a 70's look. The hair was created by slicking the models real hair up using gel, then fixing in acrylic pieces.

This is a Fashion take on 50's makeup, also inspired by American Vouge. The traditional 50's makeup is eyeliner in a "tick like" flick at the end, i have taken that and added colour.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Simon Copeland Fashion show

These are a few photos from back stage at the Simon Copeland fashion show, Laura Dexter and I had a wonderful time doing the girls makeup this was an amazing opportunity to get a feel for backstage very early on (before i had finished my training) and lean from Laura.